Highlights From Our AMAZING 2019

Esther Movement: The BriBri, the Book, and Bali

  • Esther Movement continues to partner with and disciple our friend Karina as she works among the BriBri women of Costa Rica. Karina has formed a ministry there called The Nest, partnering with community groups, faith leaders, individuals and families serving in the quagmire of a dysfunctional culture and offering the hope only Jesus gives.

  • The EM team has published a book entitled: Esther — More than a Cinderella Story which tells the biblical story of Esther in light of the issues facing women globally today. Let us know if you want to purchase copy by emailing info@esthermovement.org!

  • EM is excited to partner with a ministry serving trafficked women in BALI. We’ll work on resourcing Unstoppable Love through prayer, trips, introducing financial connections, and responding to their request to be mentored!  We praise God for this divine appointment together.



EZRA Journey: We’ve Been All Over the Map!

  • In MEXICO, Ezra Journey team members shared their stories with our friends and partners while modeling what discipleship is all about spiritually and practically – sharing their lives together. Visiting three times in 2019, we celebrated a former member of a drug cartel finding freedom and life with the help of our partner church in San Vicente, provided Celebrate Recovery training and Spanish materials for partners in Sinaloa, and helped with practical work projects too.

  • In INDIA, three and a half years after our initial introduction, we returned to see our partner friends and their ministry, do some DBS instruction, and amazingly, visit two potential sites for future schools in the near future. With 300 students in Alpha Mission School now, children are thriving in their education and receiving godly instruction.  In 2019, we also got to connect AMS with our new partner church in Utah, Nations For Christ. In 2020 this church has committed to support 30 students in the SAKS program (Send A Kid to School). They also have begun support of a young Indian key leader.  

  • In MALAWI, prayers are seeing strongholds come down in MANY villages we visited in 2019. “I believe if we followed what that man up on that screen said, we’d see our community change, something we have failed to accomplish,” said a Muslim tribal chief after seeing the Jesus Film in the Yao villages. From that outreach, about 40 people raised their hands to begin the journey in following Jesus. One month later, around 24 were baptized, identifying with Jesus their Savior.  

  • In INDONESIA, we connected up with our partners with two medical teams joining in outreach.  1390 patients were seen.  393 salvations.  504 desiring further discussion about Jesus the Messiah! Our records show that for every person following Jesus, they will bring another 10 family members/neighbors/friends in one year’s time!



Tunnel Vision: Christmas Celebration

  • Tunnel Vision Homeless Ministry put on a Christmas Dinner for our homeless friends with 60 in attendance.  The sit-down dinner, complete with tablecloths, decorations, turkey and stuffing, was simply a continuation of Tunnel Vision staff’s passion to share God’s love and hope through His Word.



Timothy Mandate: Going and Growing!

  • As trust has been built with Global Sharing’s Timothy Mandate ministry, pastors and leaders in the Costa Rican jungle are seeking help in shepherding their people and addressing the prolific problem of family abuse inside and outside of churches. In December, we had 90 attendees from eight different churches!

  • In India Timothy Mandate shared with over 45 rural pastors and leaders how to shepherd their flocks biblically. Biblical teaching and time with peers strengthens these pastors serving in forgotten and marginalized areas of NE India.



Church Mobilization: Growing Involvement in the Great Commission

  • Nations for Christ Church in Utah is hosting Discovery Bible Studies and leading a team of 18 to our GS partner ministry in the Philippines in 2020 to serve among the Aeta! They have also committed to providing education for 30 SAKS students in India.

  • Rock Harbor Church in Morro Bay has engaged both its congregation and partners in Ethiopia with Discovery Bible Studies. With GS staff, they are discovering the evangelism/discipleship which Jesus so clearly modeled in the gospels and which exploded in the early church of Acts!

  • Paso Robles Community Church has adopted India and Philippines. They lead a trip in late 2019 to the Philippines and our partners there were ministered to in practical and powerful ways by the team. 

  • Eight other churches are vitally involved in GS, supporting both projects and staff!  



Dinner in the Vineyard 2019:  Because of You

Nearly 300 people joined us for our annual fundraiser. We worshiped together and celebrated the stories of our friends and partners, and how, through involvement with GS, the marginalized and forgotten around the world were served and lives were changed. 



Miraculous Answer to Prayer: Earthquake in the Philippines

According to Aeta Pastor Lemuel, just moments before a 6.8 earthquake in the region, a whirlwind suddenly came out at the foot of the mountain towering over Lomibao. The frightened villagers ran scampering farther away from the mountain. While they were safely away, the earthquake struck and the mountain collapsed, burying their houses under rocks and large amounts of mountain soil. If the Lord had not intervened, many of them would have perished, and it was his mighty hand that saved them from death and destruction. Over 200 families went to the nearby shelter where GS funds assisted our partners with food, clothing, and housing supplies. When the Jesus Film was shown several days later, our partners said, “Every hand went up, desiring to place their trust in Jesus.”  



Surprise Blessings in 2019:     

Over 10 years ago, a faithful couple wrote the ministry of Global Sharing into their trust. Though they have gone home to heaven, their legacy will continue through church planting in the Philippines for many years to come. We praise God for this “forward thinking” couple and pray for more to invest in the Kingdom even after they “graduate.” From this life!  


So thank you for partnering with us and allowing God to work through you. We can't wait to see what He does in 2020!