Kolkata, India: Cornelia & Dorcus House

What is Dorcus House? 

India is a place where many women and their children sleep, eat, wash and exist on the streets on in the slums. They have no hope but begging from passers by. Many have no education, no work possibilities other than menial work, and above all cannot afford education for their children, and so the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. They are all open to the vagaries of the weather, to abuse from others and generally to be ignored.

The mission of Dorcus House is to improve the living and education standards of these women and children. We offer feeding, education and job training to help them become self-sufficient.  

The Latest From CORNELIA:

Cornelia continues to serve faithfully in the slum at the port of Kolkata. She is currently shepherding 80 widows and their children, providing food rations, vocational training (sewing) and literacy seminars, as well as running a preschool for the little ones in the neighborhood. 

Thank you for praying!