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Global Sharing Adds a New Family Member

Greetings to old and new friends of Global Sharing!

While Roy Smith’s long and illustrious missions career came to a close three years ago this November, his legacy lives on today. The baton exchange was well-executed!

Many, many of Roy’s disciples, now in their ministry prime, are now serving Christ around the world. Fellow associates continue to invest in churches locally and worldwide, championing the gospel. Dr. Danny Martin (a gifted Vocational Counselor instrumental in seeing over 500 bi-vocational missionaries deployed around the world), stepped into the directorship of Global Sharing 5 years ago and propelled the ministry forward adding new strategic projects and partnerships. And Roy’s son has continued to hone his passion and skills, applying them locally and around the world as he directed Atascadero Bible Church’s Outreach Ministries for nearly two decades!

Now is the time! Today is the day! I am excited to expand Global Sharing into this new chapter of evangelism and discipleship that leads to the planting of living churches. I look forward to working alongside Danny Martin and my other new associate, Bob Willis, longtime Campus Crusade for Christ (now CRU) missionary. God is up to something! We three all sense and feel it.

Stay tuned in the coming months as I roll out our next steps as a viable Kingdom Playing Organization poised to respond with the gospel in this critical time of history.

We have five emphases in our sights: 1. Church Planting using the DiscipleMakingMovement Model for kingdom multiplication 2. Promoting Tentmaking- viable ministry platforms that bring Jesus to where He isn’t

3. Empowering Women around the world- speaking the Word of God with hope/empowerment to oppressed, down-trodden, yet gifted people loved by God

4. Resourcing Churches- providing staff missional expertise/passion/ministry tools 5. Encouraging Next Generation missional people

There is much to do- communications, websites (it was hacked by Iranian hackers and destroyed about a year ago), recruitment, and most importantly, continuing our partnerships around the world, loving our dear co-laborers in Christ who faithfully serve our Lord and Savior.

As many of you know me, I always have many ideas and dreams. This January, Global Sharing will once again have its annual Board Meeting where we will pray, plan, and dream together with God for the coming year. Please pray that we would be in step with Him and His Kingdom purposes.

For me to invest in the Kingdom through Global Sharing, I must raise my own support. Beginning this January, Dorie and I are on our own which is both exciting and challenging, yet we both for the most part have a really deep sense of peace as we’ve seen God’s gracious provision going before us these past months! I’d love to spend time with you and share about Global Sharing’s upcoming plans and dreams and talk about various opportunities there are for you to be a blessing through our Global Sharing Community that we are developing! Please feel free to email me and start the conversation!

Lastly, I look forward to someday seeing my father in heaven, with that big, broad smile he was so famous for as we share together our past journeys to bring the saving gospel to a very lost world.

I’m excited to do this journey together with people like you!

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