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Danny's December Update

We all love to see the happy faces of children during the Christmas season. There were a lot of happy faces among our Aeta children in the Philippines when they received some beautiful playground sets this past month. These people are on the lowest rung of the social ladder in the Philippines. They are very short people and have very dark skin, so they are the objects of prejudice and discrimination through the country. But Jesus loves them!

A Pastor named Wilson and his wife Cora were building a church among Filipinos near Mt. Pinatubo when it erupted in 1991. Pastor Wilson had established over 30 preaching points on the mountain where the poor Aeta lived. All of the fledgling church buildings were buried under mountains of ash. The Aeta who survived were forced to move into a refugee camp the government set up for them. Since Pastor Wilson's home and church building were also ruined, he and Cora decided to move into the refugee camp with the Aetas. Twenty-five years later, they're still there! Only now they have established a school for about 150 Aeta children, a church for both Aetas and local Filipinos, and a medical clinic where the Aeta receive good healthcare. In addition, Pastor Wilson has set up a seminary to train Aetas to become missionaries to the rest of their tribe spread throughout the country.

During this Christmas season, we at Global Sharing want to ask you to help support the Aetas. Wilson uses the funds we send him for feeding programs in rural villages, to offset the costs of education 150 kids per year, and to plant new churches among the Aetas in the mountains. My wife and I have supported this project for many years. I heartily recommend it to you for your Christmas giving.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Global Sharing!

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