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India Recently Named "Worst Place to be a Woman" Among G20 Nations

"It's a miracle a woman survives in India. Even before she is born, she is at risk," said Shemeer Padinzjharedil, who runs a website which maps and documents crimes against women. This statement followed a poll conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation which ranked the world’s major economies in terms of how good they are for women. After measuring such things as health services, threat of physical and sexual violence, level of political voice, and access to property and land rights among the G20 nations, India ranked dead last in its treatment of women. These findings conflict with many modern-day images of India which include well-dressed women in Western attire driving cars to work as doctors, lawyers, police officers and bureaucrats. The results are especially jarring given the fact that India had a female prime minister as early as 1966. But, when you scratch the surface, the threats in India are manifold – from female infanticide, child marriage, dowry and honour killings to discrimination in health and education and crimes such as rape, domestic violence and human trafficking. The question for us in the Western Church is this: “How will we respond to the knowledge that our sisters halfway around the world are living under constant threat?” Will we pray? Will we provide resources? Will we take action? Or, will we look the other way? In the Old Testament a man named Nehemiah faced similar questions when he received news that people half a world away were in distress and had both physical and spiritual needs. After becoming brokenhearted over the living conditions in Jerusalem, Nehemiah prayed, collected resources and then took action on behalf of a people who could not help themselves. Global Sharing is responding in similar fashion as we pray, collect resources and take action on behalf of our sisters in Northern India and in early Spring we will send a team to teach, encourage and empower women at three retreat/conference settings. Will you join us? Will you pray? Will you provide resources? And will you help us take action on behalf of women who live in a nation known for being the “worst place to be a woman?” There are a couple ways you can partner with Global Sharing Women’s Trip to India! Contact us to learn how you can help the team, to sign up to receive the Women’s India Trip Newsletter or to donate financial resources which will help Indian women attend the conferences. Click here to request more information on any of these (or all of these!) options. Click here to donate directly to the Women's Conference.

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