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Saved for Service

In preparation for our upcoming ladies conference in India, my co-teachers and I have been studying up on the many names of our God. Yahweh Shalom, I AM PEACE, fell to me. This is the story most will remember as Gideon's story, found in Judges 6, and despite being ancient history, it's remarkably relevant to life today. This side of Calvary, Gideon’s story paints an important picture for us. Unexplainable and undeserved, peace with God always comes with great purpose, which should not be surprising since it came at a great price.

Through Jesus, Yahweh Shalom, the source of peace, makes peace with us to enlist us in His service, to bestow on us a mission, and to call us to greatness for His Kingdom. Like Gideon, He saved us not for us, but for His service. For a mission that is bigger than us and very often well beyond us. And as we walk out that mission, as conflicts rage around us and fears abound within us, Yahweh Shalom says to us just as He did to Gideon: Peace! Do not be afraid. Gideon had lots of reasons to be afraid. But he was a guy who found himself called to a great mission, something he could not achieve in his own strength…even if he wasn’t a coward (read Judges 6 and you’ll see what I mean). Was it dangerous? Absolutely! Did that change anything? Nope. His call remained the same and to achieve it, he had to step out in risky obedience. To do THAT, he needed Yahweh Shalom to pour out peace of heart and mind to act. And Yahweh Shalom did just that, giving Gideon all the peace he needed to fulfill his calling. In this world of turmoil, we need this kind of peace today because we have been saved for great purpose. We’ve been saved for service. And peace will come when we need it because Yahweh Shalom is still in the business of giving it generously. I believe it was the Prince of Peace who said it like this: “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” PS: It only takes $20 to send an Indian woman to our conference. If you would like to partner with us in making that happen for as many women as possible, click here to visit our online giving page. We appreciate your prayers too!

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