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March 2016 GS Newsletter

Let the Nations be Glad and Sing for Joy – Psalm 67:4 It has been rewarding to see Global Sharing gain its stride this past month encouraging, equipping, and empowering the local church worldwide (California, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia) to reach the marginalized and forgotten (Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, India) with the gospel of grace (women empowering women and next generation Bible students by studying the Names of God). Missions Network of the Central Coast kicked off its maiden voyage this past month hosted by Paso Robles Bible Church. Nineteen people made new friends, engaged in educated, specific prayer and discussed the contrast between being missional and missions-minded. Nine churches were represented and now looking forward to the next gathering on March 14 at Grace Bible Church. The Women's Conference Team became a reality and blessing to many. Global Sharing saw God fully provide for the 4 member Women's Conference Trip to India (Sara, Kristin, Janet, Ron). The ladies connected so well both at the seminary in Dimapur, Nagaland with the 65+ students at the seminary and over 100 women in Siliguri, Bengal. Prayer meetings beforehand were inspiring, bathing the many aspects with concentrated prayer. Women's gatherings funded a significant portion of the $1800 in conference costs. Thank you ladies! Asia Update from Danny Martin: I was in Kuala Lumpur at the first part of my trip late February, meeting with a Malaysian couple interested in setting up "Discover Your Calling" workshops in churches locally. They fit the job very well, and we're aiming at September for the workshops. Now I'm on my way to meet with the team in Kendari, Indo. I'll be looking for new locations where we can build more boats and bless communities. Global Sharing responds to the severe drought in Malawi, Africa. Jan- Apr is the rainy season, except for this year, no rain has fallen yet. Dry farmers cry over their shriveled crops. Our partner, Medson Mzonda, has purchased rice and maize for distribution to the region in the Name of Jesus. One comment by a distraught mother sums up the opportunity and feelings of many- "Oh, thank you for the grain, I was sure God had forgotten us. Can we attend your services and thank Him for His provision?" Over 41 families have been assisted. Global Sharing exists to bring the gospel to those forgotten people that God deeply loves. We are blessed to communicate that message through Medson's churches and Jesus is lifted up through those dry times! Please consider supporting a family with 20 kilos of rice or maize for $50 bringing Jesus not only in word but deed! CLICK HERE TO GIVE "BUTTON Malawi Drought". We have been so blessed! Is there anything greater than being a conduit of that blessings to others?


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