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Good Math: A Costa Rican Partnership

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

On March 30, Global Sharing sent three caballeros to Costa Rica – Ron Smith, José Avila, and Mike Hedges – to entrust to reliable people the gospel of grace by training the trainers who will train trainers. This is good math; it means multiplication instead of just addition, potentially evangelizing a whole new generation of Christ followers who in turn will evangelize in their spheres of influence and relationship. When accompanied with intense prayer and other factors, this “obedience-based discipleship” model (as opposed to a “knowledge-based” model) can often lead to a Disciple Making Movement (DMM). That is, Christ followers who joyfully obey what God is asking them to do as they simply read and obey His word, loving on those around them, and spiritually reproduce at the same time.

This trip is part two of a training that began a year ago for the BriBri Indians in the jungles of Talamanca, Costa Rica. Last March, Ron and José trained 30 BriBri Indian leaders along with the Kyrios leadership team from the local church in San Josée. Our Kyrios partners, headed by Archie and Hugo, are passionately continuing to minister to these marginalized and forgotten people in the remote jungle areas of Costa Rica.

Global Sharing desires to deepen its partnership with our Kyrios friends who are training local BriBri believers and churches. Now, a year later, we go back to encourage, equip, and empower the Kyrios leadership and the BriBri Indian leaders in disciple-making. These leaders will empower others, who will empower others, who will empower others, bringing the good math of 2 Timothy 2:2 to life. We envision the day when every remote village in the Talamanca region is experiencing passionate Christ-followers. Seeing God transform these dear people from the inside out produces powerful, lasting change that transforms villages and whole communities into centers of life, health, and vital community. The Kyrios team is praying towards this end and it will take our joint effort to pull this off. Having a DMM-trained local team member strategically placed in the jungle with the BriBri is mandatory for the Discipleship Making Movement to grab hold. You and I can work toward this in simple but effective ways. A small gift of $50 will provide funds for one Kyrios team member to minister for a weekend among the BriBri Indians by assisting with bi-monthly trip costs into the jungles of Talamanca. The needs are basic: gasoline, food, ministry materials, and vehicle costs.

Will you join Global Sharing in doing some good math in the mountain jungles of Costa Rica? Click HERE to make your donation today. Help us train the trainers and see the Disciple Making Movement take hold there.

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