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Who is Mr. Medson Mzonda and What is He Doing in Malawi?

We're having some fun with alliteration here on the Global Sharing blog. The opportunity to write about Medson Mzonda and his Maize Ministry in Malawi is just too momentous to miss. Last December, Global Sharing partnered with Pastor Medson in his “Malawi Needy Care Project” to provide emergency food relief to the hungry in his community. Due to an unprecedented season of drought, the worst on record, many people are suffering in Malawi, but together Medson and Global Sharing, with the help of our invaluable partners like you, are making a difference.

Because of your partnership, the Global Sharing gift of maize was the answer to the prayers of hundreds of hungry people. They flocked to Medson's church to receive the help of the Needy Care Project, but later many returned to ask the Pastor if they could come to worship with him the God who had heard their prayers. This God, our God, is the one they want to know.

The spiritual battle rages in Malawi and Medson has reported that the Needy Care Project is proving to be an effective tool in the fight. Case in point: Chamowa is an alcoholic in Medson’s community who spent his days drinking and giving no care at all to his starving family. His wife began attending Medson’s church and soon made a commitment to follow Jesus. When Chamowa discovered this, he laid down the law and forbid her to attend church. Medson and his wife assured her that she could still follow Jesus while respecting her husband’s wishes. Later, when Medson began distributing the maize, things began to change in this family. Chamowa encouraged his wife to begin attending church and to take the children! Some weeks into project, Chamowa himself attended a Sunday service and expressed a desire to know more about the God of the good pastor who had been supporting and caring for his family.

One Sunday in March, a couple came to Medson and asked if their three children could stay with him for three days while they went and searched for food. Medson’s wife, with tears streaming down her face, said "Be at peace. Jesus, our Master of peace, shall provide your needs today.” They gave the family a bag of maize, which would feed them for an entire month, and told them to go in peace. Before they had gotten very far, they returned to ask if they could join Medson’s church, and Medson invited them to make Jesus the master of their lives.

Thank you for being part of projects like this one. Together we are making a difference for the Kingdom!

You can help with the Needy Care Project and ensure the hungry in Medson’s community are fed. One bag of maize costs just $25US and feeds three adults two meals a day for an entire month. Medson hopes to feed 200-300 desperately hungry people between now and the end of June. Your gift of $25US can help make that happen. A minsicule amount from here can go miles in Medson's Malawi. So make a difference! It's a mission of mercy, but miserably hungry people have called it a miracle: Medson Mzonda and his maize ministry in Malawi: a mission of miraculous mercy!

Click HERE to help today.

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