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Running Drugs or Selling Your Body... Which Will it Be?

Though actual numbers vary widely, between 30,000 and 70,000 BriBri Indians live in the mountain jungles of Talamanca. Many of these indigenous peoples living in the southern portion of Costa Rica face harsh realities of survival, and the young an undeniably bleak future. They are often forced to choose between running drugs across the border from Panama or selling their bodies to make ends meet for their families. Harsh realities, and for many, it’s all they know. What would you do?

While we can’t answer that question, we can ask a better one: what can you do? And we can answer it too: you can help us give the people of Talamanca hope through relationships and the Word of God. Through relationships with Christ-followers, the BriBri discover another way of life. With the same economic hardships, choices, and temptations ever before them, these brothers and sisters demonstrate that Jesus offers a different way. Once exposed to a community of believers, dotting the Talamanca landscape, a new way to live takes shape, identity and encouragement are discovered, and hope is born. The communities of the BriBri once full of despair and hopelessness, are being infused with new life through the ministry of locals on the ground.

Global Sharing, through our Kyrios partners in Costa Rica, is committed to training the BriBri to bring simple Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) to their friends and family in their communities, building real and lasting relationships. DBS brings powerful hope from the Word of God into thirsty souls; lives and futures are being changed.

Just what is a Discovery Bible Study? A DBS is a key part of the Disciple Making Movement and it’s an easy way to study the Bible on your own or with others, especially seekers. Through simply reading the text, writing it in your own words, and determining a step of obedience from the passage, great things happen: living water flows and hope springs eternal.

Our Kyrios partners on the ground are making a difference in Talamanca and YOU can too. Join us by:

  • Asking God to increase your passion for people without Jesus

  • Experiencing Discovery Bible Studies (click HERE to give your mailing address and request a starter packet)

  • Supporting the Kyrios team with a financial gift for supplies and travel to the jungle (click HERE)

  • Seeing it yourself: begin praying about joining us on our next Encouragement Trip and tell us of your interest (click HERE)

Be part of this Kingdom movement in the jungles of Costa Rica. You won’t regret it.

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