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Could It Be?

Could it be that God desired to make a special display of Himself just for me? To me?

...That I was waning in my fervency, trust, and perspective? Imagine that!

Could it be that God had some surprises planned when He sent me as a bagboy to India in February?

…Surprises for me while He poured Himself out to 100 women

...As three Global Sharing Esther Movement women opened the Word up like a banqueting table to the spiritually hungry?

Could it be that He was majestically orchestrating His eternal plans, unbeknownst to this bagboy?

…Introducing me to a man who had dreams.

…Dreams about children breaking the cycle of poverty.

…Children receiving the tender, sincere care of a Christian teacher.

…Dreams of countering the dysfunctional home-life so many in India endure.

Could it be that this bagboy was being let in on God’s special plans for an Indian dreamer named Home Jamang?

…Plans of youth who would find jobs through training in English and find dignity in the process.

…That computer training would become a path leading away from the prison of the tea plantations and oppressive $2/day wages, drinking and hopelessness.

Could it be that God was bringing together this bagboy and this dreamer?

…This dreamer who was battling crippling anxiety.

…Who was bedridden for months at a time, incapacitated not only physically but mentally.

…Who was watching his God-given dreams dying a slow death.

Could it be that God used this bagboy to peel away layers of pain in this Indian dreamer’s heart?

…Pain that anxiety, fear, and worry had multiplied.

…Pain that had all but snuffed out his dreams.

There, in a town whose Hindu name I can’t even pronounce, was the dream: a training center, standing like a beacon with a sign speaking on behalf of God: RAY Training Center.

Could it be the dream of this center—“RAY: Reach Another Youth”—was being given fresh life into the soul of this believing warrior?

…Words flooded into this bagboy: ray… sunshine… light… cheerfulness… hope… expectation.

…Could I be part of something that God was doing here?

…More than just a bagboy; a part of bringing a dream back to life?

Could it be that this bagboy also knew anxiety, fear, and worry of life?

…And that I had been strategically moved into position, here and now, like a pawn in a chess match between Light and Darkness, God and Satan?

…And as this dreamer told me of his dying dreams, at first hesitant and vague, with a little encouragement I saw them come to new life, like a spiritual resuscitation of dreams thought long lost.

…Breathing, breathing, out with the bad, in with the good.

Could it be that God is stirring in this dreamer a fresh resurgence of hope mixed with grace?

…Bringing to life what was once dead, even broken dreams and aspirations.

...God’s specialty.

Could it be that this bagboy was given a front row seat to a miracle such as this?

…A grand unfolding of God’s plan at work in Northern India.

…A plan played out by broken people, willing, obedient.

…God performing His miracles through simple clay and the breath of life.

I believe it could be. I believe it is.

...I am proud to be that bagboy.

...I am proud to call Home and Jenny Jamang friends of Global Sharing.

…Partners together.

…Growing, stumbling, trusting, rejoicing!

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