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God Provides Big For Alpha Mission School

Global Sharing has had an amazing opportunity to accelerate a powerful ministry in Northern India among Hindu and Muslims. Home and Jenny Jamang’s dream of a school became a reality three years ago, starting with seven students, and now reporting 146. To meet their goal of making the school self-supporting, they needed to double the number of students to 250, requiring the purchase of adjacent property. They didn’t have the needed $19,500, and other surrounding properties were being snatched up left and right! But God…

While in India, we heard the amazing stories, met these amazing people, peeked in on the amazing classes, and Global Sharing could see that this ministry fit our GS core values. Teaching these next generation Indian kids the Word of God, AWANA songs, and a new way to live is contagious in this community. Hindu and Muslim families are discovering the “Jesus way” through this school. The forgotten and marginalized street children, orphans, and economically poor are being engaged through partial scholarships for education. While there this past March, Global Sharing gave a good faith verbal commitment to help the Jamangs buy the land next door. A staggering sum of $19,500 was needed. Over the next two months, GS publicized the need, talked to individuals, but saw no results. Fast forward to May 1. The balance on the property was now due. It was a Sunday. At the end of a morning worship service, I prayed for a man who sat in front of me who had a difficult personnel issue to handle the coming week. The man asked how he could pray for me. I replied by sharing the immediate need of funds to purchase the school property in northern India. That evening, this man and his wife went to the GS website and learned about the Alpha Mission School Facility Expansion Project and shot off an email that evening saying: “We’re so excited to be part of seeing the next 100 kids in school, learning about Jesus! How can I get a check to you tomorrow?” The next day, I shared our vision with another GS partner describing how this school could be the model for future schools, and with a third gift that week, GS saw God put in our hands the entire $20,000 needed. How many times in our lives do we come to our end and God shows up? This is His is specialty! “Call upon me and I will show you many great and mighty things which you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3). April 30 the Jamangs and I were calling out to our God to graciously provide the needed funds for Alpha Mission School. The next day He was proving that He could and would provide. That Monday, May 2, while mountain biking, words flooded my mind and heart. I penned them HERE, overwhelmed by what God had just done before our eyes and in our desperate hearts. His timing, once again, was and is perfect. Today, we still are working on the second installment of that $20,000 to reach India. Nothing is ever easy in these countries! With wary governments and radical political parties in power, please pray. The owner of the land is being gracious, and allowing the Jamangs to begin some necessary improvements and God seems to be staving off the rainy “monsoon season” to allow this work to be done while waiting for the wire transfer. Please pray for this ministry as GS deepens its partnership with the Jamangs and Alpha Mission School in North India. See School Project Now that Alpha Mission School has the funds to purchase the property to expand, we are moving forward with helping them fund Phase 2: Construction of School Classrooms. We hope many of you will pray and consider getting involved in this opportunity. For more information on helping with this phase, contact me at One last thing: the school offers education to needy children and orphans who cannot afford to pay, and this provides each of us another opportunity to partner with Alpha Mission School. For just $15/month, an Indian child can receive a quality education, English language training, and the gospel of grace every day. The Jamangs believe this combination can change lives and build solid futures. We think so too. Click HERE for more info on how to help. God is gently nudging me towards our next leap of faith… Are YOU ready to jump with us?

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