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A Miracle-Working God

"We believe in a miracle working God," says Wilson Ladringan, founder of the Aeta Children's School and To God Be The Glory Ministries in the Philippines. And they have seen many miracles since the eruption of the volcano Mount Pinatubo over 25 years ago. The school Wilson and his wife Cora established in the middle of a government relocation camp 30 years ago with only a few grades and classrooms, now educates preschoolers all the way through high school. To accompany this growth, two dormitories are now needed along with some other classrooms for the growing secondary school. Global Sharing looks forward to seeing these dormitories built, housing 30 children each. These children will now have the opportunity to grow academically, socially, AND spiritually in a school known for its educational excellence. Dormitory #1 is $11,000 and classrooms are $16,500. The Aeta Children's School and To God Be The Glory Ministries have seen over 30 of their graduates become pastors and church planters all over the Philippines. Many have even gone back into the rural communities of the Aeta, establishing churches and beginning basic schools in these villages. Over the years the typhoons have destroyed many bamboo houses, churches and buildings. Some are in desperate need of renovation. Present costs are $5000 for this project. Please consider helping financially with one these three worthy projects. Contact with your interest and please plan to join us as we host the Ladringans in September. Wilson will be sharing with us the miracles he has seen and those he is praying for.

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