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Phase Two at Alpha Mission School Begins (and so does the monsoon)

While many places here in the USA struggle with lack of water, the Alpha Mission School in East India is in the middle of torrential rains...a.k.a. monsoon season. The river next to the school flooded and submerged all of the newly purchased property with concern of eroding valuable land away. After the waters subsided, the land was found to be intact and the rock barrier wall held beautifully. A special thank you for those who received the prayer request through Global Sharing’s Prayer Headquarters Prayer Update. Those prayers were heard (Click here to sign up to receive special prayer updates).

Jenny and Home plan to begin construction on the new school building this Fall. Home is beginning the preparation with the architects, engineers, and government planners to see a school for 300 students become a reality. With this dream comes the fulfillment of another dream of the Jamangs: becoming self-supporting while continuing to educate a number of underprivileged and street children. Global Sharing is prayerfully taking our next step with the Jamangs and seeking to raise $25,000 to build the school building. These funds will be loaned to the AMS ministry and paid back over a five year period. This is an exciting “pay it forward proposition” for the next school that we believe God will birth, blessing these communities with Christian-based schools offering ESL. Yes, you CAN be part of this next Phase 2 step of faith in our partnership together. Would you consider prayerfully giving a one-time gift towards the construction of this building. You can also join the Send a Kid to School (SAKS) program. Through SAKS, you can provide an education for a child who might not otherwise have the opportunity to break the bondage of the poverty. Click here to get involved in these ways with us in India today.

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