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Being Among Them

You’d think I’d have it more together, being a Missions Pastor and all for so many years. But in becoming a “missional” follower of Jesus, I have much to learn. In Christianity, missional living is the adoption of the posture, thinking, and practices of a missionary, in order to engage others with the gospel of grace. Eighteen months ago, while walking to church, I stepped over a an inebriated man and life changed for me at that moment. God clearly said to me, “that man that you just smelled will never go into your church…GO TO HIM.” Eighteen months later you can find me with other “missional” people obediently hanging out with “those people.” The drunks, the dopers, the homeless. People God loves. People the world has forgotten. I wish I could communicate with you what happens when we greet these people by name! As a conduit, God is instilling hope through us into their lives. Some are righting their wrongs. Others are finding the wherewithal to apply for yet another job. Others still stay in their downward cycle, but we are committed to being among them because the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. For me this past Sunday, being missional was getting a bicycle inner tube from my garage and fixing a flat tire for a man who needed to show up the next day for a three month carpentry job. I helped him get there. Uhhh, Jesus helped him get there. Interestingly enough, this same guy is now sharing more openly about life, family, hardship. As he does that, we’re bringing Jesus to him. Global Sharing exists to connect you and your church to missional opportunities that advance the Kingdom. Will you join us and take on that missional posture together with us? We’d love to share how your church can be transformed through Missional Group Life. Contact us! And why not consider serving on a trip this coming year together with a friend. Opportunities abound! Check out our short-term trips and join us. You will be glad you did!

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