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A Costa Rican Baker's Dozen

Esther Movement is so excited to share what God did on our Costa Rica trip even as we move along in our fund raising efforts for our next {em} conference in India.

It’s always amazing to see God put something together, something we are called to do, even when we can’t visualize it exactly or know where the resources will come from. But with the encouragement and faithful partnership from you who already support {em} financially and in prayer and encouragement, the vision of ministering to women worldwide is happening.

We knew God was directing us to partner with local church leaders in Costa Rica, to train, minister, and disciple underserved/under disabled women through our first Esther Movement training conference.

We weren’t sure what the conference would look like, who would go with us, or how we would fund it.

So despite any clear or detailed vision, any real knowledge of the Spanish language, or any potential solution to the funding problem, last Fall our fearless leader and {em} Director Janet Ables bought 12 airline tickets to San Jose, Costa Rica. And we began to pray.

By Christmas, unbelievably, we had a working plan for not one but two conferences, scholarships for 100 Costa Rican ladies to attend, and had a team of not 12 but 13 very excited people almost half of whom could actually speak Spanish. They didn’t know it, but they were just the guinea pigs we needed. They didn’t know that this was the first real Global Sharing short-term missions trip that was organized from scratch and completely by faith.

What resulted was truly incredible. The diversity of this team was a beautiful microcosm of the Body of Christ at large, something Global Sharing seeks to represent. Our team came from eight different churches, four counties, and families of origin representing five countries on three continents. Seeing this group work in harmony, largely strangers but unified by the Spirit and His mission, was frankly breathtaking.

Some of us spoke up front. Some of us ran Vacation Bible School. Some of us facilitated small group discussion. Some of us baked goodies and organized a party. Some of us taught crafts and dancing (yes, dancing!), while some of us taught spoons and painted nails.

But all of us laughed. And cried. And we all smiled and nodded, especially the EOL speakers (English as the Only Language you speak). We all hugged and we all prayed. All of us were stretched. We all shared our stories, good, bad, and ugly. All of us were vulnerable and tired and mosquito chow. All opened up and reached out beyond ourselves and our comfort. All of us gave much but we all received much more in return.

In some way, all of us were changed.

That’s what stepping by faith into the unknown does. It gives God room to show up, to work, and to give more than we expected, even more than we asked for. Like a baker’s dozen.

And at the very least, when we step out in faith and go, we can be guaranteed one thing: We will be changed.

So join us! Join us this month in San Francisco, or next month in India, where we are facilitating teacher’s training and need…um…teachers to help us! Email Janet at today if you’re interested. Step out in faith. You might just make it a baker’s dozen.

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