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God Uses ALL Ages

In the Philippines, Paso Robles Community Church took a mighty leap forward! God uses all ages from 16 to 74 years old. Paso Robles Community Church has been involved in many opportunities, serving their community for Christ with excellence. Receiving relevant, real, biblical teaching has naturally resulted in this growing church taking its first steps in global missions impact for the Kingdom. These first steps were led by their 74-year-old retired prison warden who mesmerized village children with the “stickers” he gave out, encouraged a local Filipino congregation with the message “God is ALWAYS on time,” and not only hiked up mountains to remote villages, he did puppet shows! His leadership paved the way for the rest of his church’s team to bless those happy Filipinos! Just the beginning, this church is pursuing next steps in their new relationship with Pastor Wilson and his ministry to the forgotten and marginalized Aetas, this church is experiencing the joy of being a blessing both locally and globally and Global Sharing couldn’t be more pleased to be part of that.

Does your spiritual vitality ever wain? Of course it does. And it does for people in the field as well. Hearing Pastor Wilson, Aeta Children’s Home Director, share his “thank you” to us revealed another byproduct of the love we sought to demonstrate while with this wonderful ministry. He said, “We are once again filled with a renewed passion to share Christ with the lost.” Global Sharing hit its mark to be an encouragement to our global ministry partners!

"We are going to begin using this tool in our Sunday services!" Pastors and village church planters were encouraged in Discipleship/Evangelism Tools (DMM). Seventy pastors, church planters, and elders gathered to learn discipleship/evangelism principles. From that introduction, GS looks forward to nurturing these leaders as they assist pastors in their network in doing these simple evangelistic Bible studies.

We were part of 40 Year wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony. “Our dream was to one day have a service that all could experience together since we originally were married by the city official.” Our team members sang, shared Scripture and Ron officiated the vow renewal ceremony. But the highlight for many of us was watching the pastors and wives share their thanks with them from deep within their hearts.

What was God saying to our Philippines Team while on this trip?

Robin: “Wow, I experienced that His grace is sufficient for me through the stretching times.”

Bob: “I need to hug my kids more when I get home.”

James: “Trust God like these kids for daily life. I want to be bolder in my faith”

Bekah: “I was shown examples of unconditional love towards me seen throughout the ministry. They have little but gave big.”

Dorie: “Don’t just exist in the safe zone or shallows. Venture out into the deep. You’ll find God there!”

Mike: “I prayed more, talked with God more in this week than in a month and a half.”

Ron: Hearing church planter/pastor Henry say, “I just discovered another remote village with about 200 people who don’t have the gospel and I want to go and start a Bible study with their tribe.”

Villages came to life. Our little team visited five different villages in the remote mountain jungles and observed pastors leading in song, loving on the people, and making special meals for them and their children. We saw a love for the villagers in those pastors and their wives in the way they served their community. Their community saw something different in them; they saw Jesus, and it was obviously attractive as witnessed by the number of joyful people who gathered at each location.

While not the greatest singers, or the greatest bible expositors, at least not by world standards, these faithful men brought Acts 4:13 to mind: “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.” So too was the perception of these villagers: these men had been with Jesus!

Next steps. One of our team members was so moved that he (with hearty encouragement from the church leader) purchased two acres of land for a church less than a year old. Another member paid for the existing partially completed structure on that piece of land, allowing this fledgling congregation to gather in worship! (Costs were $250/$500 respectively!) Global Sharing is going back in October to build some churches with the villagers (cost is $1000/bldg), do women’s ministry, encourage the pastors/leaders, and BE A BLESSING to them and their communities!!! Come join us! Email for more info today.

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