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A Mini-Trip to Mexico

“You’re telling me I ought to follow up with this drug dealer who has asked me to pray for her? I thought that Christians were supposed to win people to Christ and THEN befriend them!" blurted my newfound friend, Mr. A., in the middle of our Contagious Discipleship (DMM) training time that recently took place over two days in Mexico. After seeing Jesus call some rough fisherman to drop what they were doing in Matthew 4 and follow Him, Mr. A. had a lightbulb moment in his mind and heart. Jesus was befriending “pre-believers” like the disciples and asking them to hang out with him. With fresh zeal, Mr. A. saw future opportunity for the Kingdom unfolding before his eyes with the many past relationships from his drug dealing days. Now, two years later, God is using these past evil relationships to bring to life the gospel of grace in some very dark places. This is where Global Sharing stepped up to help answer significant questions about next-steps. What a joy to share Jesus’ way through the scriptures and watch new life fill the hearts of our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ.

Much more than a flash-in-the-pan training time, our short days in person will shift into “Skype-time" together, using the internet to do Discovery Bible Study on a weekly basis. Why not join us on Wednesdays at 10:00am? Encouraging one another, deepening our relationships, providing counsel for ministry, what could be better in light of advancing God’s Kingdom? We so look forward to seeing fruit established over the coming years as the gospel is released to powerfully transform the lives of these Mexican brothers and sisters!

We are looking for several people to join our “conversations” on Wednesdays at 10:00am. Might that be you? Spanish is helpful but not a priority as English is understood! Contact me at to skype-in. You'll be glad you did!

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