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It's Your Turn

“Its Your Turn.” Those were the words of our founder Roy Smith upon his visit to Malawi, Africa in 2003. Those words are fundamentally different from most partnerships between Africa and the West. Many western ministries primarily send money to African ministries, money that doesn't get used for its intended purpose, and money that creates an entitlement mentality among Africans. In contrast, Medson Mzonda, our Global Sharing partner, responded to Roy’s passionate challenge these past 14 years, staying gospel-centered in the Nsanje region, fulfilling Roy’s deep love for the forgotten and marginalized there.

Today, under various trees and hillsides, the gospel of grace is going forward with over 16 churches established to date and their desire for more. 33 new believers joined God’s Forever Family this Easter!

Now, after 14 years, Global Sharing returns to spend time face to face time with these dear people. Bob Willis and I will be joining Medson and three key leaders along with 70 other Africans from surrounding regions and countries to learn about Contagious Disciplemaking at a three-day conference. They will learn how to release the Good News through discipleship! I am excited to make connections with these groups and see what God is up to for Global Sharing and other amazing ministries!

Following the conference, Medson has invited over 300 people to our times of celebration together: nominal believers, pre-believers, and on-fire believers! What a mix! In big and small meetings, planned and unplanned, pray for us as we serve, love, and look for opportunities where YOU, our Global Sharing Family, might serve and minister in the future, bringing the gospel of grace!

If you’re around the Central Coast, don’t miss our Spotlight on Africa at our offices in June.

Thank you for partnering with us. We could not do what we do without you!

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