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The Impossible Comes to Pass

Pastor Medson (far right), Medson's son (Ron's right), and two other key pastors finally met in Malawi, Africa. Fourteen years earlier, Pastor Medson became our founder Roy Smith's FIRST global partner for the fledgling Global Sharing organization. When we arrived in Malawi this week, the first words I heard in Medson's broken but clear English were: "This is a dream come true." YOU, our dear Global Sharing Partners, have made this possible as we all labor to bring the gospel of grace to the beautiful yet forgotten and marginalized Chichewa people. On Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I will be teaching and preaching, but our visit communicates the most powerful message heard: "God has not forgotten you." I'm just looking forward to soaking up all that God has to show ME over these next days. Both Bob and I thank you for your prayers! Wed-Fri is the Contagious Discipleship training that all are looking forward to. We've seen God's hand at work and look forward to sharing more later! Mark your calendars for our Malawi Spotlight June 14.

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