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Partnerships For Romania

When Dr. Warren Frankel formed the Board of Directors for His Healing Hands, his medical mission, he invited my Dad, Roy Smith, to join that board. I now have the honor to sit on that Board. Global Sharing and HHH have together pioneered numerous ministry efforts, serving in various regions of the world. To see in action the combination of powerful medical ministry with established relational outreach among the marginalized and forgotten has been very special. The number of Christ followers now say thank you as they are discipled using the GS ERZA Journey discipleship model, which is based on obedience, not knowledge!

This July our GS staff will lead a HHH team to Romania to minister in a town where our GS ministry partner, Gavi Moldovan has planted a church. Historically, through medical care, the church’s “social capital” is increased and the people whom the clinic helps will soften their outlook toward both God and the church. And the church grows through this Win/Win approach!

Win: Romanians receive medical care and one-on-one prayer.

Win: New relationships are made between the community and the church plant.

Win: The HHH team sees God work in patients and God’s people!

Win: Those who have given financially have the satisfaction of seeing people medically and spiritually cared for.

WIN: God’s Kingdom marches forward against all opposition triumphantly!

Your prayers for this endeavor are coveted as always and will go before us and with us. In addition, Global Sharing will be sponsoring a dinner with the mayor of the city of Cluj and various other expenses related to this trip as we partner with HHH. Your donation of any size will make a big difference in the lives of the Romanians we will be serving. Click HERE to give today. Thank you!

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