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A Story From Philippines: Jasmine

The Aeta Children’s Home was established by Wilson and Cora Ladrigan over twenty years ago to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of an indigenous group displaced by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. Jasmine first came to the Academy when she was six years old as one of the pioneering classes. Her parents, both Aeta, were extremely poor and struggled to feed Jasmine and her two siblings. The parents had no education and little hope of improving their lot. They had no money to educate their children. But Jasmine entered the kindergarten class without a fee. A year later she made a decision to accept Christ in her first grade class, the grade level she now teaches. Jasmine did very well in her studies and graduated from elementary school and high school at the Academy. Upon that later graduation, she yearned to continue studying and obtain a college degree. But she did not have the finances to pursue her goal. She asked Wilson and Cora to pray for provision. Sometime later she received a phone call from them, and they informed her that the ministry would cover her college expenses. She was rapturous!

In 2015, she graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in primary education. Both proud parents were able to attend the ceremony. Wilson and Cora wasted no time in assigning the new graduate to teach a first grade class. The frightened little girl, who first appeared on campus almost 19 years ago, now assists other children upset by a separation from their parents and an unfamiliar environment. Who better to help them adjust? Jasmine’s stated goal is to be God’s instrument in “transforming the lives of her students, encouraging them to dream and improving the quality of their lives” as her teacher did for her. It is $50 monthly for room, board, and all educational supplies. If you would like to financially support a student, you can do so right HERE!

Jasmine is one of many examples of lives transformed when our international partners share Christ in tangible, sacrificial ways with those who have been discarded or ignored by society at large. And your partnership makes it possible! Over the next seven months we will be sharing seven other stories about ministry partners to give you all a snapshot of what Christ is currently doing through Global Sharing. Stay tuned for our second story in October.

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