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A Story From Africa: A Stubborn and Dangerous Problem

Two men simply meet: David Robbs and Medson Mzonda. But this meeting could potentially address a longstanding and stubborn problem that has beset southeastern Africa. Global Sharing believes that every simple meeting has such miraculous potential. That is why we endeavor to bring together those from different cultures and backgrounds as God directs. Medson Mzonda, a pastor in Malawi, Africa, was Global Sharing’s first global partner, and has worked with us for over 15 years. In May of 2017, he helped host a conference with GS to teach the principles of Discovery Bible Study (DBS) in the region. As a result, he now has weekly discipleship training sessions with about 20 other men in the area, including several pastors. The stubborn problem referred to above is the serious drought the region is facing. As a result, Malawi has experienced a decades long food shortage that has often reached crisis levels. The present drought is one of the strongest on record, and keeps the people face to face with the possibility of starvation. Pastor Medson has been battling this problem while bringing the Gospel to his people. This, of course, aligns perfectly with one of Global Sharing’s core values: God is concerned with the whole person. To address the agricultural crisis, Pastor Medson has been training his congregation in the use of water traps to improve their farming output with an NGO funding the efforts. There has been good success with sorghum and groundnuts (seen in the second photo; also known as peanuts) production, but the NGO support is about to end. We don’t want the recent success to dry up as so many crops have in recent years. Enter David Robbs. David is a gifted businessman who helps small businesses get off the ground around the world through his project called Poyeho. Ron Smith was aware that David would be visiting Pastor Medson’s region, so he encouraged them to meet. David is presently assessing the water trap project and designing a business model for it that could be sustainable. A goal is to produce a surplus of groundnuts and sorghum so that Medson’s congregation could make an income beyond the food they need for themselves. There is a good market for groundnuts. The drought has certainly kept the community on the brink of catastrophe, and unsound business practices and traditions have exacerbated the problem. We are hoping that a business model that is more in line with scriptural principles could be a key to unlocking the stubborn and dangerous problem of food shortage. Ron Smith and others in the Global Sharing community will be visiting Malawi and Pastor Medson in May of 2019 to encourage the congregation and build on past trainings. If you have experience in strengthening small businesses and would like to go along, please contact Or, if you would like to financially support any of the team members for this trip, please click HERE to give today.

The work in Malawi offers us a great way to resource a ministry partner as he loves and serves his community well. Over the next few months we will be sharing other stories about ministry partners to give you all a snapshot of what Christ is currently doing through Global Sharing. Stay tuned for our next story in November.

Global Sharing will be hosting a night of Prayer for Africa at our offices in Atascadero on Friday, November 9, 7:00pm. Please join us as we lift up Medson and his ministry!

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