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A Story From India: A Commitment to Compassion

His name is Sahil, and he is 10 years old. Yes, he is adorable with his whiskers and other water-based cat features. But look into his eyes. Do you see anything more than the impishness and fun of his feline face painting? What's behind those arresting eyes? Sahil is a student at the Alpha Mission School founded by our Home and Jenny, our Global Sharing partners in East India. He is one of 10 orphans that Home and Jenny have taken into their care. His father committed suicide two years ago. As you would expect after such a great loss, Sahil's behavior has become challenging for his Hindu mother. Pain does that. Home and Jenny have responded to such problematic behavior and underlying pain with the compassion and kindness of Jesus. As a result, Sahil's behavior is gradually improving as his pain is being touched by consistent benevolence and encouragement. They are teaching Sahil about a kind-hearted Savior as he learns to read and write, and his studies are improving. Home and Jenny's response to Sahil is in stark contrast to the general societal outlook in East India. Karma tells East Indians that Sahil does not deserve such compassion. Whatever pain he is experiencing now is a well-deserved result of his selfishness and misdeeds in his younger years or his previous lives. In this view, his destiny was determined long before he was born to his struggling mother and the father he is grieving. A major goal for the ministry at Alpha Mission School is that parents who do not know Jesus will encounter Him through the enrichment and improvement they witness in the lives of the children they love. We pray that Sahil's mother will encounter Jesus in this manner as she sees an example in Home and Jenny that is so different from the harsh and cool indifference that Karma would dictate for her son. If you would like to sponsor a child like Sahil to attend the Alpha MIssion School in East India for $25/month you can click here and choose SAKS India (Send-A-Kid-to-School) in the Ministry Projects category. Thank you for partnering with us. Your prayers and support are a crucial part of changing the lives of children like Sahil. Alpha Mission School could not do what they do without you!

This Global Sharing Story From the Field was contributed by John Stevens.

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