what we do


Church Planting 

Using the Discipleship Making Movement model, we are establishing self-replicating communities of believers (living churches) who will serve people in need, proclaim the Gospel among the least reached and hardest to reach peoples of the world. By mobilizing, training and equipping local believers to meet felt needs, engage families with the Bible, and establish communities of baptized believers who, in radical obedience to the Word of God, are being transformed by Christ, are transforming their communities, and are going to other communities to do the same. 


Bi-vocational Tentmaking

GS is promoting viable ministry platforms that bring Jesus to where He isn't. In a world that is increasingly closed to traditional missionaries, we are providing training for trainers and mentors with national tentmakers. 


Empowering Women

GS is committed to training and educating women leaders around the world to grow strong in their faith and to speak the Word of God with hope and empowerment to oppressed, down-trodden women loved by God. We do this through The Esther Movement, our vibrant Global Sharing Women's Ministry, which seeks to connect women in the Western church with their sisters in the developing world to further the Kingdom of God together.


Resourcing Churches

Resourcing churches means providing leadership to regional networks which promote sharing between churches of missional expertise/passion/ministry tools that empower the local church’s passion in their world outreach commitment. 


Encouraging Next Generation Leaders

Next generation Jesus followers need encouragement and equipping in their missional pursuits. As they impact individuals and communities around the world with the incarnational gospel, they need personal and ministry guidance and support as they seek to advance God’s Kingdom.