Challenging God's People

to Connect with God's Plan

to Change God's World

TODAY millions of men, women, and children are marginalized and forgotten.
What if TOMORROW could be different?
GLOBAL SHARING exists to encourage, equip, and empower God's people to reach the marginalized and forgotten with the gospel of grace.
We do this by CHALLENGING God's people to CONNECT with God's plan to
CHANGE God's world.



The Great Commission–making disciples of all nations–must be taken seriously by the Church. Our mission is to call the Church to take the love of Jesus to the lost, the marginalized, and the forgotten today. There is no time to lose.


We connect you with very real opportunities to change the lives of the lost, marginalized, and forgotten, and we build bridges between you and our Ministry Partners worldwide so your gifts and talents are utilized.


Together we can bring hope and healing to the most vulnerable people in this lost world. As we unite with our brothers and sisters in Christ and serve together, the gospel of grace will change the world.