Malawi: Medson Mzonda and Farming God's Way Ministries

Who is Medson? 
Pastor Medson is our GS Ministry Partner in Malawi, Africa. Medson has planted 16 churches in both Malawi and Mozambique and has been doing a remarkable work meeting the both the spiritual and practical needs of his community. He and his wife have seen this faithful outpouring bear much fruit for the Kingdom. Due to several seasons of unprecedented drought, there is an ongoing need for basic food stuffs and staples. Even with a little bit of rain this year, fragile crops have dried out since initial plantings. GS is helping Medson offer his community food in Jesus' name as well as the biblical farming methods of Farming God's Way presented in a powerful and effective discipleship format. Check the GS blog for more stories on how Medson is mightily impacting the Kingdom with his ministry!

Farming God's Way Ministries:

Much of Africa has struggled to survive crippling drought, poor crop yields, and unprecedented famine. Farming God's Way, led by Dixon Shiwali in Malawi, is a discipleship program that offers solutions by seeking to "teach the people to fish" as opposed to "giving the people fish." As we all know, one is effective for a day, the other for a lifetime. FGW presents biblical principles of farming in a discipleship format that is producing abundant harvests in the fields and for the Kingdom.


Some key values of FGW:


1) Farming God’s Way is a resource given to the wider body of Christ, to equip the poor and break the yoke of poverty.


2) Farming God's Way is rooted in a deep, heartfelt consideration for the poor, based on our founding scripture Isaiah 58.


3) Farming God's Way is not just a technology. Instead it is a tool for equipping into the "agricultural domain" with three integrated spheres of influence, biblical, management and technology. All three have a significant role in ushering in the promised abundant life of Jesus Christ.


4) Farming God's Way is a non-organisational, non-denominational entity made up of a voluntary relational network of people. 


5) Farming God's Way is a free God-given gift, to the wider body of Christ, to extend and implement under their own coverings into the communities they serve. 


6) Farming God's Way has a decentralised but coordinated approach to extension. We encourage a liberal extension by well-equipped trainers whilst encouraging relational feedback for streamlining regional impact. 


7) A "stewardship team" voluntarily serves and oversees Farming God's Way. They have been involved in Farming God's Way for many years now and share a heart to see the wider body of Christ extend this message of hope to the poor.

Global Sharing is bringing Farming God's Way to Malawi in June 2018. Please pray for the successful implementation of this dynamic discipleship and farming program.



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