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Gavi & Elena Moldovan
led a movement in the 1990s that trained church planters to plant over 1000 churches. Today those churches are planting more churches. Gavi and his team have forged vital relationships to assist those working within the marginalized Roma Gypsy community. 
He has also reached beyond his borders into other areas of Eastern Europe to bring a spirit of collaboration and partnership to the work of building the Kingdom. 

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Boris Kacarevic is a Serbian
pastor that has shepherded his flock in Valjevo, Serbia, since the end of the Balkan Wars. In recent years, he has established Camp Adrenaline on the banks of the Drina River in the mountains above his little hamlet. Here he runs retreats and camps for young adults, offering them the good news of the gospel in a context that welcomes non-believers and seekers and encourages spiritual conversations! 

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