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MALAWI: Farming & Discipleship

Special Project

Pastor Medson Mzonda, founder of 16 churches in both Malawi and Mozambique, finds his village and those in the surrounding area plagued by drought-producing famine. His Needy Care Maize Ministry provides immediate hunger relief. One bag of maize costs just $25US and feeds three adults two meals a day for an entire month. Medson hopes to feed another 200-300 desperately hungry people in the coming months. Your gift of $25US can help make that happen. Click HERE to help today.


For stories of how Medson Mzonda’s Maize Ministry is making a real difference for the Kingdom, click HERE



INDIA: Alpha Mission School

Ongoing Need

Education is compulsory in India and the government provides it free of charge, but quality education is out of reach for many families. The Alpha Mission School (AMS) offers a low-cost option for these families. It costs only $20US per month to sponsor an Indian child's education through Global Sharing's SAKS program. Such a small number can have a huge impact. When we pour into the lives of children, we shape the future, and in this case, we advance the Kingdom. Most of AMS students are from Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist families, and while they are taught reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic, they are also being exposed to the gospel of grace through biblical principles…daily.  Click HERE to partner with the Alpha Mission School and send some kids to school! For more info on Home and Jenny Jamang, click HERE.



PHILIPPINES: To God Be The Glory Christian Academy

Ongoing Need

Education among the Aeta indigenous peoples of the northern mountains of the Philippines is a big problem. There are no schools in the mountains and Aeta children sent to school in the lowlands experience insults and discrimination, quickly giving up and dropping out. Wilson and Cora Ladringan of To God Be the Glory Ministries established an Aeta Children's Home which caters to the physical, educational, social, and spiritual needs of these precious children and youth. There are now 120 Aeta kids being taken good care of in the Aeta Children's Home and educated in the Christian Academy. This boarding school, established exclusively for the Aeta children and youth, now houses and educates 120 Aeta kindergarteners, elementary and high school students. It costs just $30US per month to sponsor an Aeta child through the Global Sharing SAKS program. Click HERE to partner with To God Be The Glory Academy today. Click HERE to learn more about Wilson and Cora Ladringan. 




INDIA: Computer Training

Special Projects

In NE India, many youth grow up with no hope but to work the tea fields. Our Ministry Partner has established a vocational school where youth are being trained in computer skills, including writing complex code, potentially providing them a ticket to a good job and out of their poverty. Just $400US will provide a computer and hope. Click HERE to partner today!



COSTA RICA: Kyrios Partners

Ongoing Need

EZRA Journey, the disciple-making ministry of Global Sharing, in partnership with CityTeam Ministries, has trained a team of local Costa Rican leaders, known as our Kyrios partners, in disciple-making. The DMM model has become a very effective way of potentially advancing the gospel through meaningful relationships and obedience-driven Bible Study, teaching disciples to make disciples. For years, our Kyrios partners have been ministering to the Bri Bri Indians, a marginalized and forgotten people in the remote jungle areas of Costa Rica. And now they are cultivating relationships, demonstrating firsthand the simple, contagious, and reproducible disciple making model to the key leaders among the Bri Bri. Over 30 Bri Bri Indian leaders have received initial training and we are seeing God begin to transform these dear people from the inside out, bringing real change to the villages and communities in the Talamanca mountain jungles. You and I can be part of this exciting work. It costs $200US for every weekend trip the Kyrios team makes into the jungle to meet with the Bri Bri disciple-makers. This covers gasoline, food, ministry materials, and vehicle costs. To help our Kyrios partners make disciples that make disciples among the Bri Bri, click HERE.  



It takes just $25US for a woman from a developing nation to attend three days of conference, including her transportation, lodging and all her meals. We think that’s a bargain. At an {em} Women's Conference, these sisters will receive solid bible teaching, fellowship, and a refreshment of both body and soul. Click HERE to help make this happen for a sister or two on the other side of the world.




Special Projects & Ongoing Need

In the shadow of the mighty Mt. Pinatubo volcano, Pastor Wilson and his wife Cora live and work among the indigenous Aeta people. In the last 25 years, they have established and currently oversee To God Be the Glory Ministries, which includes a local church, an elementary school for 120 Aeta children, a medical clinic caring for the Aeta communities, and a vocational training center. In addition, Pastor Wilson collaborates closely with a team who trains and sends local Filipino and Aeta pastors throughout the Philippines, investing in them and sending many back to the Aeta people who live in the mountains. By utilizing the powerful Jesus Film, this ministry has set a “God-willing” goal of seeing 10 churches started among the Aeta villages in 2018. 


You can be part of reaching these villages by investing in simple church construction, which will establish a ministry base for these isolated villages, and/or underwriting the Jesus Film Outreach. Project costs include $2500US for construction of an approximately 30’ X 15’ simple church structure and $800US to underwrite Jesus Film Outreach to one village which includes food, travel arrangements, equipment, etc. Any giving toward these project costs is greatly appreciated and will be used mightily by God.


Also, an ongoing gift of $50US is an investment in Pastor Wilson and Cora as they in turn invest in Aeta children, young people, teachers, ministry staff, and future leaders for the Kingdom. Click HERE to partner with Wilson on any of these projects today or contact for more info.



Ongoing Need

Global Sharing is investing in the Indonesian locals who are planting churches in some of the toughest soil on earth. Indonesia is just such a place and God is doing a special work there today. Thousands of people are coming to Christ through an ‘Ezra Journey style’ discipleship. There are some exceptional students being mentored in Church Planting on a seminary level using this model who have been identified for support. You can “jump start” these church planters who commonly start literally hundreds of house churches in this movement. The term is two years of financial support with a report from the church planter and their supervisor coming your way every six months!


Will you help? Let us know! Click HERE to support a church planter for just $100US per month.  Commitment is for one year. Email for info.






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