Sending Help to Refugees in Romania



Ukrainian Update April 19, 2022

It's a Miracle They Survived!


Let me begin by saying this: All your friends at Global Sharing say thank you for your generosity and partnership! You have given $16,000 for Ukrainians still in war zones. Another $9,000 is being steered strategically to the amazing believers who are serving one another there on the frontlines. So, thank you!
I’d also like to share a story that, through your partnership, you are part of in the Ukrainian warzones. The following came to us April 9 from inside Ukraine through fellow believers. A Ukrainian leader writes:
“Thank you for the generosity of Global Sharing friends and other partners. The Philadelphia Church in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, along with its six pastors, are each hosting in their homes a family from Kiev. One of these families told us about the miracle they just experienced there in Kiev. At the beginning of the war the brothers and sisters gathered at the church and prayed. They gathered in the basement of the church. The attacks were intensifying. The pastor of the church, seeing what was happening, provided his personal minibus and made trips to Chernivtsi daily (for food and supplies given by Global Sharing and others). When the last family boarded the minibus there in Kiev and started toward Chernivtsi, the church building from which they left was bombed and destroyed. The minibus was riddled with bullets. But they didn't give up! They continue bringing food and supplies to their neighbors. Isn't that a miracle of God? 
The people accommodated by the Philadelphia Church in Chernivtsi are either men, whose wives and children have left the country for their safety, remaining to fight or help as they can, or women and children whose husbands/fathers are on the front lines. The Chernivtsi Center, where we take all the goods from the Romanian hub, is working throughout the day. The goods received are unloaded in the warehouse and then they go on to other cities in conflict. The Ukrainian men who stayed help the place run smoothly, working 14 to 15 hours/day. Women help to sanitize the place, and also assist children in homework. Because of the war children do school online. 
A group of believers gathered here in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, was prayed for and recently left for Kiev with the hope of carrying the Gospel and helping those who have remained alive there. One destination is war-torn Ternopil where the believers cook daily for 200 people. The believers there thank you for the food and medication you have supplied and ask you to carry them in prayer, for peace to be established in Ukraine, and that God will give them strength every day to serve their neighbors and many to come to new life in Christ. 
This Philadelphia Church, well-known in Kiev, was also asked by a clinic there for help in purchasing medicines. We need about 10,000 Euro for the list of medicines we received from them. The institutions there in Kiev that are still functioning are asking for help in feeding many others. One of the other war zones where food is being sent is Irpin. It is hard to imagine that people are still living in these areas, alone, without food and water, waiting and desperately needing help. The pain I feel hearing of the events and seeing the images is hard to carry. I often wonder if it hurts me the way it hurts them? What do the people there feel and how do they live?   
The Philadelphian Church there in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, is working hand-in-hand with the Union of Romanian Churches in Ukraine, learning of needs from all over their area. In these areas so close to the conflict all the stores are closed, so even if you have money you cannot buy food or anything else.
The faithful in the Ukrainian Church have gained a good testimony as the brothers and sisters there are actively involved in the proclamation of the Gospel through service and word. The army comes daily and takes cold food from them, sometimes also ready-made food, which they carry on to the others who fight on the streets throughout for the peace of Ukraine.
May we encourage you to please pray not only for peace, but also for Putin's heart to be changed and for the hearts of those who invade to change and come to know God. 
Thank you once again for solidarity in moments like these. Please understand that the help sent through you is a cause of praise to God and not only a help offered to one's neighbor. Your support means survival for many in Ukraine.
Signed, Antoanella Balas, Ecce Homo”
With gratitude,

Ron and the Romanian and Ukrainian Church Leaders