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Sending Help to Refugees in Romania


OVER $30,000 GIVEN!


Ukrainian Update June 15, 2022

"The Church of God Has Gained a Good Testimony!"


As Ukraine first exploded into war, Jesus was in the midst! He was working through many, including Global Sharing’s nimble response to some big needs while other bigger humanitarian relief organizations were ramping up. And your response to the call for help resulted in giving over $30,000 for Ukrainians still in war zones. Now that many organizations are assisting with expert care, Global Sharing is stepping back to do what it does well: bring the gospel of grace where it isn’t through simple discipleship methods.  
I’d like to share a letter from a key leader that we, and you, were directly partnering with in the Ukrainian warzones these past several months. This came to us awhile back from inside Ukraine through our believing Romanian friends.
Ukrainian Leader:  “Brothers and sisters, people whose hearts beat for the brothers and sisters of Ukraine and for all those in suffering there, 
Thank you for the generosity of Global Sharing friends and partners. Our colleagues continue to return safe and sound from transports across Ukraine. On several specific trips, we managed to send shipments of food, sanitary materials, and medicines to Ceranuti and Ternopil through your direct support. With each delivery from Chernivtsi, Ukraine, to devastated cities around Kiev, we found the road was not smooth, and while during the last transport a car remained behind to fix a mechanical breakdown, this time the car reached its destination, though at a slower pace. Our Lord Christ's Body is alive! The work done by many here returns with praise to Him! Together with you, brothers and sisters, they mobilized and helped their neighbosr as Jesus taught us.
We are collaborating alongside the Philadelphian church in the city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine, where six pastors are directly involved in coordinating the activity of the center established there. This church has been transformed into a refugee reception center/distribution center. Every day, 160-200 people are now hosted. The believers there coordinate needed supplies that you have given into many another cities in the conflict areas. Other refugees have come back from Poland and Romania to help in the delivery to many of their friends and families in their hometowns.  Every day they unload arriving cars with goods and repack them into vehicles of Ukrainians risking road travel to provide for people remaining in devastated areas without food, water, or any means to obtain these essentials. 
Every day at 6:00pm everyone is served a hot meal in the Philadelphia Church, and they gather for prayer and time in the Word. Not everyone knows God, but all attend meetings and hope in the goodness of God that the day of living free will again be at hand. You see them singing and glorifying God, even if they don't know if they will ever see their family again. 
Thank you once again for solidarity in moments like these. Please understand that the help sent through you has been a cause of praise to God and not only a help offered to one's neighbor. Your support means survival for many in Ukraine. We praise God for all you have done for us! 

Signed, Antoanella Balas, Ecce Homo”

With gratitude,
Ron and our Romanian and Ukrainian Church Leaders

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