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God Can Use Girls to Change the World


 We believe the world can be a
dangerous place to be born a woman

Sadly, it’s true. It is estimated that even in the 21st century, over 500,000 baby girls worldwide do not survive their first days of life just because they are born girls. And female infanticide is just the beginning. Girls around the world face high rates of abuse and limited access to medical care and education. In some places, inheritance rights, property rights, and voting rights are non-existent.  

Let's do something about it.

Esther Movement seeks to raise awareness about the global plight of women, to advocate for our ministry partners around the world who work with the vulnerable and marginalized, and to help women in the American church take action on behalf of their sisters worldwide.  

To that end, we raise awareness through conferences here at home, and take service teams to places like the slums of Kolkata, the jungles of Central America and the red-light districts of Southeast Asia. We build bridges for our friends in the West, connecting them with our partners who are pioneering mercy and justice ministries around the world. 

The EM team is passionate about Jesus’ heart for justice, His love for women, and His mission to bring the good news of the gospel to the marginalized and brokenhearted.

God can use girls to change the world.

“Join us as we grow, go, and give!

– Janet Ables, Esther Movement Director

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