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Esther Movement


An Esther Movement Women's Conference provides a special opportunity for indigenous women to enjoy a retreat experience tailored just for them. For so many women in the world today, such a conference is unheard of:  teaching for women by women, time away to fellowship and make friends, and a program for their kids too! Our teaching centers around God's love for our sisters and in a world that often does not value women, we take great delight in serving them and affirming their inherent worth.

Costa Rica: January 5-14, 2022

 Cost: $1250 + air (approximately $450)

In Costa Rica, we'll facilitate a conference with The Nest, our partner ministry that serves BriBri women and children in the Talamanca region of southern Costa Rica. For more on the BriBri and our partnership with The Nest click HERE.  

Ready to sign up? Let us know and we'll send you the trip app and deposit info!


Georgia: April 29-30, 2022

 Cost: starting at $150 double occupancy

This year we are planning our first ever US-based Esther Movement Conference. The BRAVE Conference will be held at Ashburn Hill Plantation in Moultrie, Georgia. We invite any would-be world changers to join us for an exciting weekend of inspiration and fun. You'll be challenged to step up and step out to bring change. We'll dig deep into the story of the biblical Esther and learn from her just how God uses girls to change the world. We hope you will join us!

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