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Making Disciples Who Make Disciples


 We believe God intends for His people to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples who make disciples. 

Why make disciples? 

Making disciples is at the heart of the Great Commission. Jesus told His followers to make disciples, teaching them to obey all that He commanded. 

Global Sharing's EZRA Journey has embraced Disciple Making Movements (DMM) as an effective way to equip churches and individuals to participate in the Great Commission by making disciples among the lost, marginalized, and forgotten.

“DMM is a belief that God is working before we get there. As we pray and fast, he leads us to find people (persons of peace). We gather as a group wth that person, their friends, and their family in a discovery study where the Holy Spirit of God uses the Word of God to create the people of God. That is discipleship. They are then urged to replicate that again and again.”  – James Forlines, Final Command Ministries

How does it work? 

EZRA Journey equips believers to make disciples by engaging unbelievers in Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). DBS is not just about obtaining new information. Instead, individuals are encouraged and challenged to obey what they learn and to share it with others. Through this process, discipleship begins even before a commitment to Christ. Many people come to faith in Christ as they read God’s Word and see for themselves the mercy of God as revealed through Jesus. As we simply and thoughtfully engage the Jesus of the Bible with one another, lives are beautifully transformed. When encouraged and empowered to share it with others, brand new disciples become disciples who make more disciples, and the reach of the gospel is expanded exponentially.

    “Life on mission is not just about being disciples but also about making 
    disciples who make disciples.”

    – Jeff Vanderstelt

    Ready to join the journey? 

    Contact us today and let us introduce you to DMM! We have information for both individuals and churches and provide easy first-steps.


    For example...

    Join a Discovery Bible Study on ZOOM. Believing we learn best by doing, we offer the chance for you to discover a DBS firsthand. You'll see how this simple tool is bringing thousands of people closer to Jesus and His Word all over the world today. It's simple, refreshing, and inspiring!

    Or, join us on an upcoming disciplemaking trip. It's a great way to learn by experiencing the process in action!

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