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Timothy Mandate


Romania: Spring 2022

On Timothy Mandate trips we get the privilege of coming alongside indigenous pastors and church leaders and their ministries by teaching them God’s Word, both doctrine and shepherding. While we find their love for the Lord and commitment to their churches encouraging and even a little convicting, many leaders in these indigenous communities lack sufficient training and encouragement. A pastor training trip seeks to change that! We often hear, ‘I can’t teach pastors, I haven’t been theologically trained or been to Bible school!’ Our answer is always the same, ‘That’s ok, you don’t have to be!’ Most believers in the West have spent more time sitting under the teaching of God’s Word via Bible studies and Sunday morning sermons than the pastors and leaders we go to serve. You probably have more ‘theological training’ than you realize and therefore have MUCH to offer! Consider joining a Timothy Mandate trip and see how God can use YOU to impact a church leader and their church!


Our Spring 2022 trip to Romania will be a vision trip. This will provide opportunity for trip participants to get to know Global Sharing, our Romanian Ministry Partner Gavi Moldovan and his work, as well dedicated time to pour into his team and colleagues around the city of Cluj in northern Romania.  


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